Our Consulting Services

We at Legal Computing Services are some of the leading experts in HotDocs document assembly software. (See our Document Assembly Page)

At the current time we are able to offer the following services:

   Modifications to Existing Systems

For those with existing document assembly systems, we are happy to make updates, modifications, and additions.

For solo practitioners or small firms, often the most cost-effective way to acquire a document assembly system is to purchase a commercial set of HotDocs forms and then have us modify them to fit your needs.


   Project Jump-Starts

For attorneys and firms that will do their own HotDocs development, it is advantageous to have a model that will serve as the basis for the project. We can automate the first segment of the project to serve as an example, and provide training to those who will be doing the development work.


   Custom Macros

While document assembly software has greatly simplified automation, many day-to-day word-processor tasks are still better handled by macros. We have many years of experience with WordPerfect's macro language, PerfectScript, and with Visual Basic. Contact us for your custom macro needs.