Document Assembly

At Legal Computing Services, we specialize in document assembly systems - or in other words, turning your standard legal forms into intelligent, self-creating documents.

We at Legal Computing Services are some of the leading experts in HotDocs document assembly software, the standard in the legal profession. We have a variety of services available for every need, from occasional expert advice for do-it-yourselfers to full-scale development projects. Please visit our Services page for more information.

What is Document Assembly?

From the end-user's perspective an automated document is simply an interactive interview that results in a completed document of only relevant clauses, including names and addresses properly inserted throughout and verb/pronoun usage adjusted appropriately. From our perspective, an automated document is a legal form that has been programmed with a special scripting language through which we capture all of your expertise and turn it into a set of rules. These rules become the logical framework of the document, and when applied to the data from the interview, will produce a document that is custom-tailored to the need at hand.

The advantages to document assembly systems are many. Decreased time and staff requirements, improved accuracy, and better control over the result are just a few. Possibly the most attractive advantage is the potential for increased profitability. By increasing volume and moving from an hourly billing system to a value-based billing system, a firm can dramatically increase hourly revenues (see, "The Time has Come: Time-billing vs. value-billing," Law Office Computing, February/March 2001, pp. 8-10).