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Scripting Tools and Techniques

Num Title (click) Description
0001 Random Number Generator Generates a random number between 0 and 99.
0006 Bold, Italic, or Underlined Text A work-around that allows you to use simple text formatting (bold, italics, underline) in a computation variable. For word processor-based documents only.
0008 Using Number/Date Values in a Text Computation How to include a numeric/date value in a text computation.
0009 Test Your Computation One Line at a Time An overview of using the STEP instruction to test buggy computations one line at a time.
0011 Comparing Dates How to compare dates within a computation.
0012 Returns in Text Strings How to place a Return (Line Feed, New Line, Carriage Return) in a text string or create multi-line output.
0013 Clear a Variable How to clear a variable's answer.
0015 Loops via REPEAT How to create and use a basic loop with a REPEAT.
0017 Message Box How to Display a Message Box with a Dynamic Message.
0020 Remove Spaces Remove spaces from a string or text variable.
0028 Auto-Expiring Template Makes a template "expire" 30 days after the first use or after 30 uses.
0029 Change the ASK Mode How to change between ASK modes.
0030 HIDE/SHOW v. GRAY/UNGRAY Explanation of the differences between HIDE/SHOW and GRAY/UNGRAY.
0032 Using Quotation Marks in a String How to place quotation marks in a text string or variable.
0036 HIDE/GRAY Additional Text How to HIDE or GRAY the Additional Text in a dialog.
0039 Auto-Assemble a Document from a Custom Button-bar Button How to add a button to your word processor's button bar that will automatically launch a given template for assembly. Instructions are also included for creating a menu item or a Windows shortcut.
0042 Use Merge Text with a Multiple Choice's "Other" Option A work-around that mimics merge text for a multiple choice variable's "Other" option.
0044 ANSWERED( Variable[x] ) How to test for an ANSWERED variable at a specific counter level.
0048 Using Chevrons in Computations How to insert and use chevrons ("") in computations.
0057 Convert Number/Date Values to Text Values How to convert a numeric or date value into a text value.
0059 Tabs in Text Strings How to place a tab in a text string.
0068 Strip Punctuation Strips all punctuation from a string or text variable, returning only letters, numbers and spaces.
0069 Alternatives to IF ANSWERED Other ways to test whether a variable has an answer.
0070 Avoid ***Computation*** How to keep computations from returning ***Computation*** by providing a fall-back answer.
0073 Decreasing COUNTER Create a dialog counter that counts down rather than up.
0082 Loops via Recursion How to create a loop through recursion (having a computation call itself).
0088 Determine the Last Repetition of a REPEAT How to determine when a REPEAT has reached its last repetition.
0090 Determine Lettercase How to determine if a string is upper or lowercase.
0091 CONTAINS v. "=" The difference between CONTAINS and "=", and when to use CONTAINS. (Updated 7/4/2002).
0093 Variable Arguments Use and placement of variable arguments (padding, unanswered text, format example, merge text, and repeat level).
0097 HotDocs Quick-Edit Macro A WordPerfect macro that allows you to browse to and open a HotDocs template or component file for editing.
0098 Amicus Attorney Custom Fields How to convert an Amicus Attorney custom date, number, or true/false field into one usable by HotDocs.
0105 Internal Database Tables - An Alternative to Pick Lists How to emulate a database table without using pick lists or external databases; how to select multiple records on a single dialog; how to associate two or more different lists with a particular dialog.
0108 Running a Macro During Assembly How to run a macro during assembly.
0110 Auto-Save Macros Word and WordPerfect macros for automatically saving your document after assembly.
0111 Multiple Choice Variable as a Text Value How to use a multiple choice variable as a text value.
0112 Record & Paste Data Allows you to selectively record and paste repeated dialog data.
0113 No Computation Variable Required How to hard-code simple computations right into a template.
0114 Warning Dialog Creates a warning dialog that will allow the user to either go back and change an answer or to proceed.
0115 Ask a Variable How to force a variable to be asked, even if it is already ANSWERED.
0117 Reusable Computations How to make your computations reusable; how to make a computation mimic a function.
0118 Internal Database Tables - An Example A sample template to demonstrate one way of implementing internal database tables.
0120 Variable[n] When to use "[n]" after a repeated variable.
0121 GRAY or HIDE a Computation Button How to GRAY or HIDE a computation button on a dialog box.
0122 Nested REPEATs and the DB Connection How to maintain master-detail relationships between linked tables when using the Database Connection (Updated 07/26/2002).
0123 User-Selectable Filters (DB Connection) How to create user-selectable filters for the Database Connection.
0125 Open a Library with a Word Processor Button How to create a custom button on your word processor button bar to open a HotDocs library.
0130 Multi-line To Single-line Converts multi-line text to single-line text by replacing all returns with a comma and a space.
0134 Naming Conventions A few suggested variable naming conventions and points to consider in creating a convention.
0140 Send Only Overflow Text to Addendum Demonstrates how to use as many lines as available in an Automator field, sending only the overflow text to the addendum.