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REPEAT Computations

Num Title (click) Description
0002 Count how often a Multiple Choice answer was selected Counts how many times each option of a MC variable was selected in a REPEAT.
0004 Copy a Repeated Variable Makes an exact copy of a repeated variable. Copies each answer of one repeated variable into a second repeated variable.
0005 Place a List in a Variable Creates a list from the items in a repeated variable, and places the list in a single text variable so that it can be inserted anywhere in your document.
0015 Loops via REPEAT How to create and use a basic loop with a REPEAT.
0018 Column-style List How to produce a column-style list with a computation.
0019 Master List of REPEAT Variables Use a multiple choice variable to hold a master list of answers gathered from REPEAT dialogs.
0022 Multiple REPEAT Filters How to use multiple FILTERs for a single REPEAT.
0033 Populate a Multiple Choice Variable with Data from a Repeated Dialog Gathers all of the answers from a repeated variable (repeated dialog) and places them in a multiple choice variable.
0044 ANSWERED( Variable[x] ) How to test for an ANSWERED variable at a specific counter level.
0053 Smart Salutation -- Married Couples Generates a multi-party salutation that will selectively format for either married couples (Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones) or for non-married parties (Dear Mr. Jones and Ms. Johnson).
0055 Automatically Add Settlor/Trustor to the List of Trustees If the Settlor/Trustor(s) are also designated to be trustees, this computation will automatically add their names at the top of the Trustees list.
0065 Parsing "Select All That Apply" Answer Selections How to parse the selected answers of a "Select All That Apply" multiple choice variable.
0071 Clear a Repeated Dialog How to completely clear a repeated dialog (all variables, all levels).
0073 Decreasing COUNTER Create a dialog counter that counts down rather than up.
0076 "Same As Above" - Carry answers forward Copies answers from the previous repeated dialog window into the current window.
0080 Sum a Filtered Dialog How to sum a number field from a filtered repeating dialog.
0085 Minor Children Count minor children; create a list of minor children; filter the minor children out from a list of all children.
0088 Determine the Last Repetition of a REPEAT How to determine when a REPEAT has reached its last repetition.
0095 Amicus Attorney File Parties How to import and use party information from an Amicus Attorney file.
0101 Total Time Total the time entries from a list or a repeated dialog.
0105 Internal Database Tables - An Alternative to Pick Lists How to emulate a database table without using pick lists or external databases; how to select multiple records on a single dialog; how to associate two or more different lists with a particular dialog.
0112 Record & Paste Data Allows you to selectively record and paste repeated dialog data.
0118 Internal Database Tables - An Example A sample template to demonstrate one way of implementing internal database tables.
0119 Filter Out Duplicates How to filter out duplicate entries in repeated dialogs.
0120 Variable[n] When to use "[n]" after a repeated variable.
0122 Nested REPEATs and the DB Connection How to maintain master-detail relationships between linked tables when using the Database Connection (Updated 07/26/2002).
0127 Combine Multiple Repeat Dialogs into One How to combine a series of lists gathered from variables on multiple repeated dialogs into a single list consisting of one variable on one repeated dialog. Effectively combines many lists into just one.
0129 COUNT a filtered dialog How to obtain the COUNT of a filtered dialog.
0131 Fast-tracking Repeated Dialogs How to have a repeated dialog jump directly to the end. In other words, how to skip all answered levels of the dialog and go directly to the "add a record" screen.
0132 Record Look-up How to jump directly to a given record in a repeated dialog.
0133 Asset Navigator How to implement smart and quick navigation of repeated dialogs.
0139 Signature Block: Parallel Columns How to create a repeated signature block with two parallel columns.