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Practical Examples

Num Title (click) Description
0007 Proration of Real Estate Taxes For Real Estate closings. Prorates real estate taxes based upon the number of days in the current year that have elapsed as of the closing date.
0014 Split Up a Name Parses a full name into its component names.
0023 "Fraction Thereof" Taxes - Rounding Up Incrementally Rounds up incrementally (e.g. a tax is $3.00 for every $1,000 or fraction thereof).
0024 Last Day of Next Month Determines what the last day of next month is.
0028 Auto-Expiring Template Makes a template "expire" 30 days after the first use or after 30 uses.
0034 Full Name Combine various name elements into a full name.
0053 Smart Salutation -- Married Couples Generates a multi-party salutation that will selectively format for either married couples (Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones) or for non-married parties (Dear Mr. Jones and Ms. Johnson).
0055 Automatically Add Settlor/Trustor to the List of Trustees If the Settlor/Trustor(s) are also designated to be trustees, this computation will automatically add their names at the top of the Trustees list.
0066 Monthly Salary Computes an individual's monthly salary/wages based on their paycheck and the pay period.
0067 Signing Date A flexible signing (acknowledgment) date computation that either accepts and formats a date provided by the user, or creates a "fill-in-the-blank" type date where any piece of information can be supplied and the others left as "fill-in-the-blank" areas.
0072 Nearest/Next Business Day How to automatically move a date that falls on a Saturday/Sunday to either the nearest or next business day.
0074 Child Support Determines the percentage of gross income to go to child support based on the number of minor children.
0075 State, Commonwealth, or D.C Places "The State of ...", "The Commonwealth of ...", etc. before a state name as appropriate.
0077 "You must file for the following years ... " Based on the last year that an individual made a tax filing, create a list of years that the individual must still make filings for.
0078 Complete Address Format a complete multi-line or single-line address.
0079 Age in Years, Months and Days Calculates an individual's age in years, months and days.
0083 First Wednesday of the Month How to determine what day of the month a fixed weekday will fall on (e.g. the first Wed. of the month).
0084 Amortization Table Computes the level periodic payment for a loan.
0085 Minor Children Count minor children; create a list of minor children; filter the minor children out from a list of all children.
0087 Does Date X Fall Between Dates Y & Z? Determine if a date falls between two given dates. Or, determine if a date falls within a given range.
0094 Amicus Attorney Addresses How to import and use addresses from Amicus Attorney.
0095 Amicus Attorney File Parties How to import and use party information from an Amicus Attorney file.
0096 Single-line Address from a Multi-line Address How to reformat a multi-line address as a single-line address.
0100 Elapsed Time Compute elapsed time in days (optional), hours, and minutes.
0101 Total Time Total the time entries from a list or a repeated dialog.
0109 Count Weekdays or Weekends Determine the number of weekdays or weekends that fall within a given range of dates.
0118 Internal Database Tables - An Example A sample template to demonstrate one way of implementing internal database tables.
0126 Nine and no/100 Dollars Format a dollar amount as Nine and no/100 Dollars.
0133 Asset Navigator How to implement smart and quick navigation of repeated dialogs.
0135 State Abbreviation to State Name Converts a two-letter state abbreviation into the name of the state.
0136 State Name to State Abbreviation Converts a state name into the two-letter state abbreviation.
0137 Username/Password Generator Automatically generates a random network username and password.
0138 Paragraph Punctuator Automatically determines end-of-paragraph punctuation for a series of conditional paragraphs.
0139 Signature Block: Parallel Columns How to create a repeated signature block with two parallel columns.