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Number Computations

Num Title (click) Description
Tut. 01 Data Types A primer on the four types of information (data) in HotDocs: Text, Number, Date, and True/False.
Tut. 02 The Computation Variable An introduction to the four types of computation variables: text, number, date and true/false.
0001 Random Number Generator Generates a random number between 0 and 99.
0003 Decimal numbers without the preceding "0" Removes the preceding "0" from decimals less than 1 (e.g. "0.75" -> ".75").
0007 Proration of Real Estate Taxes For Real Estate closings. Prorates real estate taxes based upon the number of days in the current year that have elapsed as of the closing date.
0008 Using Number/Date Values in a Text Computation How to include a numeric/date value in a text computation.
0010 Determine if a number is odd or even The computation checks a number variable, and returns True if the number is even and False if it is odd.
0013 Clear a Variable How to clear a variable's answer.
0023 "Fraction Thereof" Taxes - Rounding Up Incrementally Rounds up incrementally (e.g. a tax is $3.00 for every $1,000 or fraction thereof).
0026 Pad a Number with Leading Spaces Pads the left side of a number with spaces so that the decimals will align properly.
0035 Round to the Nearest Thousand Rounds a number variable to the nearest thousand, hundred, etc.
0037 Round Up to the Next Thousand Rounds a number variable up to the next thousand, hundred, etc.
0040 Use an UNANSWERED Variable in a Calculation How to include variables which might be UNANSWERED in a mathematic formula.
0041 Calculate the Average of Answered Variables Takes the average of only ANSWERED variables.
0044 ANSWERED( Variable[x] ) How to test for an ANSWERED variable at a specific counter level.
0051 Format a Number as "nine point seven five" Formats a number or percentage with a decimal in the form "nine point seven five [per cent]".
0052 Format a Fraction as "four and one half" Formats a number and its fraction in the form "four and one half," "four and one fourth," "four and seven eighths," etc.
0057 Convert Number/Date Values to Text Values How to convert a numeric or date value into a text value.
0060 Convert a Roman Numeral Converts a Roman numeral back into a standard (Arabic) number.
0062 "All (100%)" Format a percentage as "all (100%)", "half (50%)", "five percent (5%)", etc.
0066 Monthly Salary Computes an individual's monthly salary/wages based on their paycheck and the pay period.
0069 Alternatives to IF ANSWERED Other ways to test whether a variable has an answer.
0070 Avoid ***Computation*** How to keep computations from returning ***Computation*** by providing a fall-back answer.
0074 Child Support Determines the percentage of gross income to go to child support based on the number of minor children.
0080 Sum a Filtered Dialog How to sum a number field from a filtered repeating dialog.
0084 Amortization Table Computes the level periodic payment for a loan.
0086 Remove "and No Cents" Suppress "and No Cents" when dollar amounts do not have a cent value.
0093 Variable Arguments Use and placement of variable arguments (padding, unanswered text, format example, merge text, and repeat level).
0098 Amicus Attorney Custom Fields How to convert an Amicus Attorney custom date, number, or true/false field into one usable by HotDocs.
0116 (Even) Smarter Fraction Formatting Formats any decimal value as its fraction; omits the fraction portion for whole numbers.
0126 Nine and no/100 Dollars Format a dollar amount as Nine and no/100 Dollars.