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Multiple Choice Computations

Num Title (click) Description
0002 Count how often a Multiple Choice answer was selected Counts how many times each option of a MC variable was selected in a REPEAT.
0013 Clear a Variable How to clear a variable's answer.
0019 Master List of REPEAT Variables Use a multiple choice variable to hold a master list of answers gathered from REPEAT dialogs.
0027 Set a Multiple Choice Variable to "None of the Above" How to SET a multiple choice variable to "None of the Above".
0033 Populate a Multiple Choice Variable with Data from a Repeated Dialog Gathers all of the answers from a repeated variable (repeated dialog) and places them in a multiple choice variable.
0042 Use Merge Text with a Multiple Choice's "Other" Option A work-around that mimics merge text for a multiple choice variable's "Other" option.
0044 ANSWERED( Variable[x] ) How to test for an ANSWERED variable at a specific counter level.
0054 Referencing Multiple Choice Merge Text How to reference multiple choice merge text to use within a computation.
0058 Use Returns or Tabs in Merge Text How to place a Return or a Tab in the merge text of a multiple choice variable.
0063 Answer Count Determine how many of a multiple choice's options were selected (when "Select all that apply" is activated).
0064 Which "Select All That Apply" Answers Were Selected? How to determine which of the "Select All That Apply" multiple choice answers were selected (when "Select All That Apply" is activated.
0065 Parsing "Select All That Apply" Answer Selections How to parse the selected answers of a "Select All That Apply" multiple choice variable.
0069 Alternatives to IF ANSWERED Other ways to test whether a variable has an answer.
0070 Avoid ***Computation*** How to keep computations from returning ***Computation*** by providing a fall-back answer.
0093 Variable Arguments Use and placement of variable arguments (padding, unanswered text, format example, merge text, and repeat level).
0111 Multiple Choice Variable as a Text Value How to use a multiple choice variable as a text value.
0128 Can I GRAY out Multiple Choice Options? Various techniques and workarounds that give the equivalence of GRAYing out or disabling multiple choice options.
0132 Record Look-up How to jump directly to a given record in a repeated dialog.
0133 Asset Navigator How to implement smart and quick navigation of repeated dialogs.
0135 State Abbreviation to State Name Converts a two-letter state abbreviation into the name of the state.
0136 State Name to State Abbreviation Converts a state name into the two-letter state abbreviation.