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Date Computations

Num Title (click) Description
Tut. 01 Data Types A primer on the four types of information (data) in HotDocs: Text, Number, Date, and True/False.
Tut. 02 The Computation Variable An introduction to the four types of computation variables: text, number, date and true/false.
Tut. 04 Dates How to use and compute date values.
0008 Using Number/Date Values in a Text Computation How to include a numeric/date value in a text computation.
0011 Comparing Dates How to compare dates within a computation.
0013 Clear a Variable How to clear a variable's answer.
0024 Last Day of Next Month Determines what the last day of next month is.
0044 ANSWERED( Variable[x] ) How to test for an ANSWERED variable at a specific counter level.
0046 Convert a Text String to a Date Value Converts a string containing a date to a HotDocs date value.
0057 Convert Number/Date Values to Text Values How to convert a numeric or date value into a text value.
0061 Format a Date "900603" (yymmdd) How to format a date without spaces or separators.
0067 Signing Date A flexible signing (acknowledgment) date computation that either accepts and formats a date provided by the user, or creates a "fill-in-the-blank" type date where any piece of information can be supplied and the others left as "fill-in-the-blank" areas.
0069 Alternatives to IF ANSWERED Other ways to test whether a variable has an answer.
0070 Avoid ***Computation*** How to keep computations from returning ***Computation*** by providing a fall-back answer.
0072 Nearest/Next Business Day How to automatically move a date that falls on a Saturday/Sunday to either the nearest or next business day.
0077 "You must file for the following years ... " Based on the last year that an individual made a tax filing, create a list of years that the individual must still make filings for.
0079 Age in Years, Months and Days Calculates an individual's age in years, months and days.
0083 First Wednesday of the Month How to determine what day of the month a fixed weekday will fall on (e.g. the first Wed. of the month).
0087 Does Date X Fall Between Dates Y & Z? Determine if a date falls between two given dates. Or, determine if a date falls within a given range.
0092 Is Date X after Date Y? How to determine of a date falls after a given date.
0093 Variable Arguments Use and placement of variable arguments (padding, unanswered text, format example, merge text, and repeat level).
0098 Amicus Attorney Custom Fields How to convert an Amicus Attorney custom date, number, or true/false field into one usable by HotDocs.
0099 Parsing Time Values Parse hours, minutes, and am/pm from a text string and SET them in number variables for time calculations.
0100 Elapsed Time Compute elapsed time in days (optional), hours, and minutes.
0101 Total Time Total the time entries from a list or a repeated dialog.
0102 Convert Hours to Military Time Convert hours to military time (00:00 for 12:00 am, 13:00 for 1:00 pm, 23:00 for 11:00 pm, etc.).
0103 Include "and" in the Year Spell out a date in the format "Third day of June, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety".
0104 "In the year of our Lord ..." Spell out a date in the format "Third day of June in the year of our Lord, this One Thousandth Nine Hundred and Ninety Ninth".
0106 Day of the Year Determine the day of the year (from 1 - 365/6).
0109 Count Weekdays or Weekends Determine the number of weekdays or weekends that fall within a given range of dates.
0124 Time + 1 HOUR Simple time calculations - add or subtract an hour.