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Dialogs & Dialog Scripts

Num Title (click) Description
0016 Pop-up Prompts on Dialogs Have a dynamic message appear on your dialog box to guide or warn the user.
0017 Message Box How to Display a Message Box with a Dynamic Message.
0019 Master List of REPEAT Variables Use a multiple choice variable to hold a master list of answers gathered from REPEAT dialogs.
0030 HIDE/SHOW v. GRAY/UNGRAY Explanation of the differences between HIDE/SHOW and GRAY/UNGRAY.
0031 HIDE/SHOW for Regular HotDocs A work-around for Regular HotDocs (not Pro) users that provides similar functionality to HIDE/SHOW.
0036 HIDE/GRAY Additional Text How to HIDE or GRAY the Additional Text in a dialog.
0038 Use Both HIDE and REQUIRE How to both HIDE and REQUIRE the same variable.
0043 Change the Prompt of a Nested Dialog How to control how a nested dialog's prompt appears on the parent dialog.
0045 Pop-up Calculator on a Dialog Box How to create a "calculator" button on a dialog box that pops up a calculator.
0076 "Same As Above" - Carry answers forward Copies answers from the previous repeated dialog window into the current window.
0112 Record & Paste Data Allows you to selectively record and paste repeated dialog data.
0114 Warning Dialog Creates a warning dialog that will allow the user to either go back and change an answer or to proceed.
0121 GRAY or HIDE a Computation Button How to GRAY or HIDE a computation button on a dialog box.
0131 Fast-tracking Repeated Dialogs How to have a repeated dialog jump directly to the end. In other words, how to skip all answered levels of the dialog and go directly to the "add a record" screen.
0132 Record Look-up How to jump directly to a given record in a repeated dialog.
0133 Asset Navigator How to implement smart and quick navigation of repeated dialogs.