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Complete Listing of Computations

Num Title (click) Description
Tut. 01 Data Types A primer on the four types of information (data) in HotDocs: Text, Number, Date, and True/False.
Tut. 02 The Computation Variable An introduction to the four types of computation variables: text, number, date and true/false.
Tut. 04 Dates How to use and compute date values.
0001 Random Number Generator Generates a random number between 0 and 99.
0002 Count how often a Multiple Choice answer was selected Counts how many times each option of a MC variable was selected in a REPEAT.
0003 Decimal numbers without the preceding "0" Removes the preceding "0" from decimals less than 1 (e.g. "0.75" -> ".75").
0004 Copy a Repeated Variable Makes an exact copy of a repeated variable. Copies each answer of one repeated variable into a second repeated variable.
0005 Place a List in a Variable Creates a list from the items in a repeated variable, and places the list in a single text variable so that it can be inserted anywhere in your document.
0006 Bold, Italic, or Underlined Text A work-around that allows you to use simple text formatting (bold, italics, underline) in a computation variable. For word processor-based documents only.
0007 Proration of Real Estate Taxes For Real Estate closings. Prorates real estate taxes based upon the number of days in the current year that have elapsed as of the closing date.
0008 Using Number/Date Values in a Text Computation How to include a numeric/date value in a text computation.
0009 Test Your Computation One Line at a Time An overview of using the STEP instruction to test buggy computations one line at a time.
0010 Determine if a number is odd or even The computation checks a number variable, and returns True if the number is even and False if it is odd.
0011 Comparing Dates How to compare dates within a computation.
0012 Returns in Text Strings How to place a Return (Line Feed, New Line, Carriage Return) in a text string or create multi-line output.
0013 Clear a Variable How to clear a variable's answer.
0014 Split Up a Name Parses a full name into its component names.
0015 Loops via REPEAT How to create and use a basic loop with a REPEAT.
0016 Pop-up Prompts on Dialogs Have a dynamic message appear on your dialog box to guide or warn the user.
0017 Message Box How to Display a Message Box with a Dynamic Message.
0018 Column-style List How to produce a column-style list with a computation.
0019 Master List of REPEAT Variables Use a multiple choice variable to hold a master list of answers gathered from REPEAT dialogs.
0020 Remove Spaces Remove spaces from a string or text variable.
0021 Selective Period (".") Determines whether or not a period needs to be placed at the end of a sentence.
0022 Multiple REPEAT Filters How to use multiple FILTERs for a single REPEAT.
0023 "Fraction Thereof" Taxes - Rounding Up Incrementally Rounds up incrementally (e.g. a tax is $3.00 for every $1,000 or fraction thereof).
0024 Last Day of Next Month Determines what the last day of next month is.
0026 Pad a Number with Leading Spaces Pads the left side of a number with spaces so that the decimals will align properly.
0027 Set a Multiple Choice Variable to "None of the Above" How to SET a multiple choice variable to "None of the Above".
0028 Auto-Expiring Template Makes a template "expire" 30 days after the first use or after 30 uses.
0029 Change the ASK Mode How to change between ASK modes.
0030 HIDE/SHOW v. GRAY/UNGRAY Explanation of the differences between HIDE/SHOW and GRAY/UNGRAY.
0031 HIDE/SHOW for Regular HotDocs A work-around for Regular HotDocs (not Pro) users that provides similar functionality to HIDE/SHOW.
0032 Using Quotation Marks in a String How to place quotation marks in a text string or variable.
0033 Populate a Multiple Choice Variable with Data from a Repeated Dialog Gathers all of the answers from a repeated variable (repeated dialog) and places them in a multiple choice variable.
0034 Full Name Combine various name elements into a full name.
0035 Round to the Nearest Thousand Rounds a number variable to the nearest thousand, hundred, etc.
0036 HIDE/GRAY Additional Text How to HIDE or GRAY the Additional Text in a dialog.
0037 Round Up to the Next Thousand Rounds a number variable up to the next thousand, hundred, etc.
0038 Use Both HIDE and REQUIRE How to both HIDE and REQUIRE the same variable.
0039 Auto-Assemble a Document from a Custom Button-bar Button How to add a button to your word processor's button bar that will automatically launch a given template for assembly. Instructions are also included for creating a menu item or a Windows shortcut.
0040 Use an UNANSWERED Variable in a Calculation How to include variables which might be UNANSWERED in a mathematic formula.
0041 Calculate the Average of Answered Variables Takes the average of only ANSWERED variables.
0042 Use Merge Text with a Multiple Choice's "Other" Option A work-around that mimics merge text for a multiple choice variable's "Other" option.
0043 Change the Prompt of a Nested Dialog How to control how a nested dialog's prompt appears on the parent dialog.
0044 ANSWERED( Variable[x] ) How to test for an ANSWERED variable at a specific counter level.
0045 Pop-up Calculator on a Dialog Box How to create a "calculator" button on a dialog box that pops up a calculator.
0046 Convert a Text String to a Date Value Converts a string containing a date to a HotDocs date value.
0047 Convert Text to Pig-Latin Translates a string of text or a text variable into Pig-Latin.
0048 Using Chevrons in Computations How to insert and use chevrons ("") in computations.
0049 Possessive Form of a Word Places a possessive ending on a word, 's (Bill's) or ' (Bus').
0050 Plural Form of a Word Places the proper plural ending on a word, -s -es or -ives.
0051 Format a Number as "nine point seven five" Formats a number or percentage with a decimal in the form "nine point seven five [per cent]".
0052 Format a Fraction as "four and one half" Formats a number and its fraction in the form "four and one half," "four and one fourth," "four and seven eighths," etc.
0053 Smart Salutation -- Married Couples Generates a multi-party salutation that will selectively format for either married couples (Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones) or for non-married parties (Dear Mr. Jones and Ms. Johnson).
0054 Referencing Multiple Choice Merge Text How to reference multiple choice merge text to use within a computation.
0055 Automatically Add Settlor/Trustor to the List of Trustees If the Settlor/Trustor(s) are also designated to be trustees, this computation will automatically add their names at the top of the Trustees list.
0056 Reverse Text Inverts a string of text or a text variable (reverses it).
0057 Convert Number/Date Values to Text Values How to convert a numeric or date value into a text value.
0058 Use Returns or Tabs in Merge Text How to place a Return or a Tab in the merge text of a multiple choice variable.
0059 Tabs in Text Strings How to place a tab in a text string.
0060 Convert a Roman Numeral Converts a Roman numeral back into a standard (Arabic) number.
0061 Format a Date "900603" (yymmdd) How to format a date without spaces or separators.
0062 "All (100%)" Format a percentage as "all (100%)", "half (50%)", "five percent (5%)", etc.
0063 Answer Count Determine how many of a multiple choice's options were selected (when "Select all that apply" is activated).
0064 Which "Select All That Apply" Answers Were Selected? How to determine which of the "Select All That Apply" multiple choice answers were selected (when "Select All That Apply" is activated.
0065 Parsing "Select All That Apply" Answer Selections How to parse the selected answers of a "Select All That Apply" multiple choice variable.
0066 Monthly Salary Computes an individual's monthly salary/wages based on their paycheck and the pay period.
0067 Signing Date A flexible signing (acknowledgment) date computation that either accepts and formats a date provided by the user, or creates a "fill-in-the-blank" type date where any piece of information can be supplied and the others left as "fill-in-the-blank" areas.
0068 Strip Punctuation Strips all punctuation from a string or text variable, returning only letters, numbers and spaces.
0069 Alternatives to IF ANSWERED Other ways to test whether a variable has an answer.
0070 Avoid ***Computation*** How to keep computations from returning ***Computation*** by providing a fall-back answer.
0071 Clear a Repeated Dialog How to completely clear a repeated dialog (all variables, all levels).
0072 Nearest/Next Business Day How to automatically move a date that falls on a Saturday/Sunday to either the nearest or next business day.
0073 Decreasing COUNTER Create a dialog counter that counts down rather than up.
0074 Child Support Determines the percentage of gross income to go to child support based on the number of minor children.
0075 State, Commonwealth, or D.C Places "The State of ...", "The Commonwealth of ...", etc. before a state name as appropriate.
0076 "Same As Above" - Carry answers forward Copies answers from the previous repeated dialog window into the current window.
0077 "You must file for the following years ... " Based on the last year that an individual made a tax filing, create a list of years that the individual must still make filings for.
0078 Complete Address Format a complete multi-line or single-line address.
0079 Age in Years, Months and Days Calculates an individual's age in years, months and days.
0080 Sum a Filtered Dialog How to sum a number field from a filtered repeating dialog.
0081 Last Word Extracts the last word from a text string or variable.
0082 Loops via Recursion How to create a loop through recursion (having a computation call itself).
0083 First Wednesday of the Month How to determine what day of the month a fixed weekday will fall on (e.g. the first Wed. of the month).
0084 Amortization Table Computes the level periodic payment for a loan.
0085 Minor Children Count minor children; create a list of minor children; filter the minor children out from a list of all children.
0086 Remove "and No Cents" Suppress "and No Cents" when dollar amounts do not have a cent value.
0087 Does Date X Fall Between Dates Y & Z? Determine if a date falls between two given dates. Or, determine if a date falls within a given range.
0088 Determine the Last Repetition of a REPEAT How to determine when a REPEAT has reached its last repetition.
0089 "a" or "an" Automatically chooses "a" or "an" to place before a text variable, as appropriate.
0090 Determine Lettercase How to determine if a string is upper or lowercase.
0091 CONTAINS v. "=" The difference between CONTAINS and "=", and when to use CONTAINS. (Updated 7/4/2002).
0092 Is Date X after Date Y? How to determine of a date falls after a given date.
0093 Variable Arguments Use and placement of variable arguments (padding, unanswered text, format example, merge text, and repeat level).
0094 Amicus Attorney Addresses How to import and use addresses from Amicus Attorney.
0095 Amicus Attorney File Parties How to import and use party information from an Amicus Attorney file.
0096 Single-line Address from a Multi-line Address How to reformat a multi-line address as a single-line address.
0097 HotDocs Quick-Edit Macro A WordPerfect macro that allows you to browse to and open a HotDocs template or component file for editing.
0098 Amicus Attorney Custom Fields How to convert an Amicus Attorney custom date, number, or true/false field into one usable by HotDocs.
0099 Parsing Time Values Parse hours, minutes, and am/pm from a text string and SET them in number variables for time calculations.
0100 Elapsed Time Compute elapsed time in days (optional), hours, and minutes.
0101 Total Time Total the time entries from a list or a repeated dialog.
0102 Convert Hours to Military Time Convert hours to military time (00:00 for 12:00 am, 13:00 for 1:00 pm, 23:00 for 11:00 pm, etc.).
0103 Include "and" in the Year Spell out a date in the format "Third day of June, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety".
0104 "In the year of our Lord ..." Spell out a date in the format "Third day of June in the year of our Lord, this One Thousandth Nine Hundred and Ninety Ninth".
0105 Internal Database Tables - An Alternative to Pick Lists How to emulate a database table without using pick lists or external databases; how to select multiple records on a single dialog; how to associate two or more different lists with a particular dialog.
0106 Day of the Year Determine the day of the year (from 1 - 365/6).
0108 Running a Macro During Assembly How to run a macro during assembly.
0109 Count Weekdays or Weekends Determine the number of weekdays or weekends that fall within a given range of dates.
0110 Auto-Save Macros Word and WordPerfect macros for automatically saving your document after assembly.
0111 Multiple Choice Variable as a Text Value How to use a multiple choice variable as a text value.
0112 Record & Paste Data Allows you to selectively record and paste repeated dialog data.
0113 No Computation Variable Required How to hard-code simple computations right into a template.
0114 Warning Dialog Creates a warning dialog that will allow the user to either go back and change an answer or to proceed.
0115 Ask a Variable How to force a variable to be asked, even if it is already ANSWERED.
0116 (Even) Smarter Fraction Formatting Formats any decimal value as its fraction; omits the fraction portion for whole numbers.
0117 Reusable Computations How to make your computations reusable; how to make a computation mimic a function.
0118 Internal Database Tables - An Example A sample template to demonstrate one way of implementing internal database tables.
0119 Filter Out Duplicates How to filter out duplicate entries in repeated dialogs.
0120 Variable[n] When to use "[n]" after a repeated variable.
0121 GRAY or HIDE a Computation Button How to GRAY or HIDE a computation button on a dialog box.
0122 Nested REPEATs and the DB Connection How to maintain master-detail relationships between linked tables when using the Database Connection (Updated 07/26/2002).
0123 User-Selectable Filters (DB Connection) How to create user-selectable filters for the Database Connection.
0124 Time + 1 HOUR Simple time calculations - add or subtract an hour.
0125 Open a Library with a Word Processor Button How to create a custom button on your word processor button bar to open a HotDocs library.
0126 Nine and no/100 Dollars Format a dollar amount as Nine and no/100 Dollars.
0127 Combine Multiple Repeat Dialogs into One How to combine a series of lists gathered from variables on multiple repeated dialogs into a single list consisting of one variable on one repeated dialog. Effectively combines many lists into just one.
0128 Can I GRAY out Multiple Choice Options? Various techniques and workarounds that give the equivalence of GRAYing out or disabling multiple choice options.
0129 COUNT a filtered dialog How to obtain the COUNT of a filtered dialog.
0130 Multi-line To Single-line Converts multi-line text to single-line text by replacing all returns with a comma and a space.
0131 Fast-tracking Repeated Dialogs How to have a repeated dialog jump directly to the end. In other words, how to skip all answered levels of the dialog and go directly to the "add a record" screen.
0132 Record Look-up How to jump directly to a given record in a repeated dialog.
0133 Asset Navigator How to implement smart and quick navigation of repeated dialogs.
0134 Naming Conventions A few suggested variable naming conventions and points to consider in creating a convention.
0135 State Abbreviation to State Name Converts a two-letter state abbreviation into the name of the state.
0136 State Name to State Abbreviation Converts a state name into the two-letter state abbreviation.
0137 Username/Password Generator Automatically generates a random network username and password.
0138 Paragraph Punctuator Automatically determines end-of-paragraph punctuation for a series of conditional paragraphs.
0139 Signature Block: Parallel Columns How to create a repeated signature block with two parallel columns.
0140 Send Only Overflow Text to Addendum Demonstrates how to use as many lines as available in an Automator field, sending only the overflow text to the addendum.